CIBS Structure of the Program

CIBS is an integrated mental health intervention that combines intensive in-home based therapeutic services with a short-term residential treatment placement. The service is designed so that the community-based therapeutic service is involved prior to the residential treatment placement, collaborates and coordinates in-home therapeutic services with the residential treatment staff during the residential treatment placement, and continues providing in-home therapeutic services to the child and family after the child returns home. This intensive in-home therapeutic service typically lasts six to nine months. The residential treatment placement is 30 to 45 days long.

Families are often referred to CIBS due to acting- out behavior exhibited by their child. As previously mentioned, these behaviors could include frequent oppositional behavior, aggression, truancy, chemical use, stealing, self-injurious behavior, and other behavior problems. Eligible children for the program are male or female, six to 17 years in age. They must meet criteria for medical necessity for an out-of-home placement. It is expected that the child have the cognitive ability to benefit from the service. The child must also be stable enough to be treated in an unlocked setting.

Participation in the program is voluntary. Parents who choose to participate must be willing to be involved with the services that their child and family will be receiving. This includes involvement with their child while they are at the RTC (calls, home visits, therapy sessions, etc.) as well as in- home therapy services before, during, and after the RTC stay.

Most of the families being served will be receiving case management services at the county level due to their child’s behavioral or mental health issues. The County case manager staffs the case at the County level to help determine if this service is most appropriate to the needs of the child and family.

There are four major players involved in the service:

  • The Family and Child
  • The County Case Manager
  • The Residential Treatment Center (RTC)
  • The Intensive In-Home Therapy Provider


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