Preshoolers Achieving Skills for Success (PASS) Day Treament

Children Matter

We know young children need special care and attention to overcome the challenges they are having. An individualized plan is created for each child that addresses their unique needs.

Do you have a preschool child in your life aged 3 to 5 who is…

  • not following directions
  • throwing temper tantrums
  • can’t calm down
  • talking back
  • fearful of many things
  • just not happy

We know that when a child is hurting or acting out, the whole family is affected.


Our program meets Monday through Thursday from 8:30–11:30 a.m. Transportation is provided for children who are eligible for the program. As part of their time, your child will be learning valuable skills to better help them manage their behavior. Our staff includes mental health professionals and practitioners uniquely trained to work with young children.

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